Writer’s Math

Inspired by Paul’s discussion of grammatical errors, as well as a recent acceptance, I decided to do some writer’s math. And as it’s still my workday, I haven’t even had a drop of booze. Last year, I submitted work to 26 journals and got two acceptances. This seems like a lot for me. I submitted both prose and poetry. In 2011, I submitted 17 places and got one acceptance. Among these were five publishers I sent my poetry manuscript to.

One of my friends is sending out his work and made the mistake of saying to me “But I thought they were good,” when he got rejected by the first journal. Rookie error. According to my little black (brown) book, I’ve been sending out work out since 2005. But before I kept these current records, I sent poems out earlier than that. My first poetry publication was in 2000, when I was a wee twenty-not-very-much lass.

I am not going to count out how many things I have sent out versus how many things I have had accepted, it’s just too depressing. But I’m pretty fucking pleased to be sending out my work at all. DP likes to remind me that it’s easier for poets, because you can send out a bunch of poems at once, and I have 50-some poems to choose from in my manuscript. I don’t disagree.

Where do you send your work?


2 responses to “Writer’s Math

  1. I primarily send my work to professional journals and websites, university presses (for encyclopedia articles, mostly), literary agents, contests, and my Dad.

  2. I sent mine out only to two magazines and haven’t heard from either of them. But you know what? It doesn’t really bother me. They were both essays and it’s much easier for me to keep those at arms reach, you know? Nothing personal, c’est la vie. Odd, since I’m writing about me.
    The fiction though hasn’t gone anywhere and probably won’t for some time. I have to know that I’ve absolutely done my best in order to get the armor on and cinched. Otherwise I’ll be in fetal position under my desk and that’ll be all she wrote.

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