Drive it like you stole it.

I have stolen some of my best ideas from DP and woven them into my nonfiction. They aren’t the major ideas, those are mine, but rather a few awesome details. When he calls me out on it, I tell him that because we are married half of his is mine. This argument previously had been used solely over dessert consumption.

I stole this title from Lyra (I think), the idea of stealing from SadFace, and let’s not even talk about my college entrance essay, where I stole a really fantastic line from my very own sister without realizing it.

What do you steal?

11 responses to “Drive it like you stole it.

  1. I steal coffee-refills from the cafe in my town and good pens (accidentally, but sub-consciously on purpose) from my job. Oh, not to mention the idea for my blog post yesterday from you. I guess I’m a criminal!

  2. I steal other people’s conversations and sometimes their names—I’m a name vampire, sucking cemeteries and phone books, and death records dry of the really good ones.

    I steal pencils, too, but that’s just the kleptomania flaring up.

  3. I just hope some day I’m worthy enuf for you to steal from me.

    Actually, I just drove 800 miles (moving #1 Son back home) and listed to Classic Rock most of the way. I was amazed to hear so many of the sentiments and even plots of my stories echoed in the songs I used to listen to as a callow youth. Yeah, I’m a thief. Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed by this.

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