Back in the saddle

Why, hello, 23-page math paper. I’d like to think I am ready for you after a month of editing other kinds of work and taking two disastrous days off to write. Or not write, as the case may be. (Look, Paul, a fragment!) I suppose your technical clarity will be a relief. I’m not responsible for telling you that a scene needs to be shortened in order for your work to be compelling. I have to put commas around your equations, but that’s OK, I’m not responsible for what lies within the MathType.

There is little angst in editing science. I have no subject expertise. I’m allowed to make all the small stylistic changes I want. I’m not responsible for content. I get to do what I know how to do without second guessing myself very often (except for in the tables, but that’s more my trying to follow an extraordinarily obscure style guide rather than coming up against the author). I don’t have to write my own shit at all.

What is a strange relief for you? What’s your favorite song about saddles?

(And my favorite song about saddles. It took me a while to love this song as much as I do. Please ignore the hair.)




8 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. Too bad the writing days were disastrous, but great that reading math is somehow calming. While this song’s lyrics actually say “Lay Down Sally,” I used to think they said ‘Lay Down Saddle’ when I was a kid. So, this counts. Then again, I also thought Forest Gump was historically accurate and that he was a real person… so don’t give me too much credit.

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