Research Reports

My father was a scientist. Every year he wrote up a report for his department detailing the research he had done, his publications, his committee work, community outreach, and students he advised. I still have his papers and it’s interesting to read the self-reports year after year.

Last summer I exchanged The Fucker (my whole manuscript) with a friend of mine. I’m gearing up to do this again, and am curious how far I’ve come. It feels like I have the same manuscript just in a different order. However, I’m getting to the point where order is of utmost important. It may not surprise you to learn that my writing style is not exactly linear.

What have I accomplished since last summer? My first ever publications in prose. AWP. A steady exchange of work with [person redacted]. Ceaseless bullying of [friend redacted] to get her to write. She just started a blog. Heh. I have not volunteered to hold resume workshops at the local food pantry/center to give people the tools to get jobs and education, like I thought about doing. I started writing a motherfucking afterword. (Who knew?)

What do you have to report?


16 responses to “Research Reports

  1. New young adult novel. Sending queryies on Monday. ! My best move was throwing the last one to the bottom of the drawer. It was such a time-life suck. It was too stale. This new one makes me feel like an actual writer.

  2. This past year I learned that steady rowing beats frantically swimming against the current. It took me 47 years to learn this, so I’m just letting it soak in.

      • I’m defining it as a story about two happily single characters who believe that love exists . . . probably . . . but romance is biologically and culturally mandated showmanship at best and bait-and switch advertising at worst.

        They meet when they reluctantly agree to be the maid of honor and the best man in the upcoming wedding of their respective younger siblings, who believe in a Disney kind of Perfect Love, with all the trimmings. They fall into a sort of allied defense to deal with the Marquis de Sade of wedding planners and various family members and friends who don’t understand that they really are perfectly fine the way they are.

        Once the cake is cut, they amicably part ways—until the newlywed’s first fight a month later threatens to end in divorce and unwanted roommates. In order to get their couches back, our anti-Cupids team up and figure out how to convince these crazy (and they mean that literally) kids that imperfect, every day, boring love is still worth fighting for . . . and end up wondering if they’d maybe like to try being imperfect together . . . Maybe.

        Not particularly original, but really fun to write . . .

  3. A new job, with a promotion last week. A desire to attend graduate school (and the realization that work pays $500 per course). A house a month from now. A dog. Everything I wanted except good writing. But it’s alright- that comes next.

  4. A job-ette. Getting very close to the time when I can resign from a time-suck position. Semi-regular page swaps. Semi-finalist in a 100 word story contest. A new direction for my WIP that has me excited.

  5. My living room is once more filled with boxes. We’re moving in two weeks and I am in have-you-seen-it/must-already-be-packed mode. Last night I made spaghetti and couldn’t find the colander, so the sauce was all watery and awful.

    I hate moving. SO much.

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