Copyeditors on Vacation

I have copyedited signs, menus, and (most egregious) a Ford commercial (where they used “further” when they really meant “farther”).

There have been goofy cruiser bicycles, boardwalks, and bikinis (worn by other people).

I thought there would be some writing happening during this vacation, but that was merely wishful thinking. My brain turns right off during family time, and instead I watch the triplets and observe how three eight-year-olds exhibit a bunch of traits I have noticed in DP, only without the veneer of consideration and self-awareness.

I am so glad I’m no longer a kid. Sure you don’t have to pay bills, but can you imagine not being able to get food for yourself or control anything about your daily life?

What do you learn when you take time off?


8 responses to “Copyeditors on Vacation

  1. OK, so I had the exact wrong usage for “further” and “farther” beaten into me by an evil, oppressive high school teacher. However, I take some comfort in the fact that much of the time the correct word is ambiguous, and I can go with whichever sounds better.

    I also fully intend to name a cat “Further” some day.

  2. That I am overambitious. I always bring extra books to the beach thinking I’ll be reading. I end up sitting there listening to the waves watching kids play. Usually, I barely get through half a book.

  3. Like SadFace, I lug lots of books — real, paper, heavy books that I’ve been saving for this vacation — and end up reading almost none of them, because I’m either staring blankly at the ocean with a fruity drink in my hand, or I’m reading the 2 retail-priced hardback books I just HAD TO HAVE at the airport on our way out of town.

    It’s a sickness.

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