We are real

I’m home. Somehow the elves didn’t come and clean off my dining room table while I was gone. Damnit!

I’m wading through my emails, weighing new jobs and evaluating old. Today I have no set work, but want to clear things out, maybe fit in some writing time.

On the way home from the beach I stopped in and met one of you. It was fucking fantastic. It turns out we are real, and we are just as cool as we seem to be.

My blog is getting pretty journaly. Give me some good questions to write about.




12 responses to “We are real

  1. Just ask your big sister.

    Use “who” for subject, and “whom” for objects or after the a preposition. Subject is an action maker: “who took the doughnuts!?” And object gets done to: “whom should we invite?” (We’re doing the inviting not the unidentified whom). And post-preposition? “To whom do I owe this honour?”

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