Thursday was the beginning of my bachelor days. Don’t worry, my marriage has not dissolved under the weight of my angsty manuscript; DP has a job that takes him out of town for three to six weeks during the summer. That sounds all Special Forces, but in fact he is teaching writing to a bunch of genius children.

In the beginning years I pined and moaned. We talked for hours every night. Now that we’re an old married couple, I pine a little bit, and then I enjoy the solitude. This whole apartment. All mine. I sleep diagonally in the bed. I have silence. Eventually I’ll pine again, but by then he’ll be back.

It’s been hot, and so I walk around the house baring a lot of flesh. One of the nice things about editing is that it requires very little movement. My spot on the couch is piling up again with books, notebooks, and empty glasses. Dog and Guest Dog drive me crazy. But I have more space to think, to space out, to work and to write.

Who are you when you are alone?


7 responses to “Bachelor

  1. There’s little I enjoy more than being left at home alone. Meals from Trader Joe’s, piles of laundry, in bed reading at 7:30 or midnight, a 4 pm cocktail-reward if I’ve been working all day, or maybe an ice cream cone for dinner. The possibilities are both pointless and endless.

    Well, alone with 3 dogs, but that’s as alone as I can get.

  2. I so enjoy my solitude. The quiet allows my mind to sing louder without worrying that I’m drowning out the man who thinks that communication is listening to him snore during Wheel of Fortune. Ah, the joy of being married to a man whose friend has a boat; they’re heading over to Block Island for a week.
    I get the whole house to myself, along with two daughters, their husbands, our old dog, and a wee-little grand-dogger.

    Observation: Along with stacks of notes, I have assorted pens and pencils plus three glasses, two coffee cups, four Popsicle sticks and a wooden spoon on the table next to my computer. The wooden spoon is great as backscratcher.

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