Official second draft printout, day 2

You guys are all writing, you’re moving on to new projects, not so much this little clause. I’m still beating my head against the fucker. But I bit the bullet, as Teri advised, and printed out the whole fucking manuscript. It is 124 pages single spaced. And I curled up in the little nest on my couch and began to read.

Something surprising happened. I didn’t hate it. In fact, I felt kinda proud of myself. The first part is the most polished. All the work I did with [name redacted] last summer really paid off. By the time I got to the second part, I realized that my transition was all wrong.

I had thrown the readers to the dogs and I needed to give them a break, otherwise they were going to put the book down, call their parents, and cry inconsolably. Who knew? But even then I didn’t panic. I thought about a few other places I could start, I began to consider a radical reorganization, combining two chapters. I began to feel tired. But exhilarated.

Today I may sit down with it again and begin to do the work.

How’s it going with you?



11 responses to “Official second draft printout, day 2

  1. I have my own 107-page printout right beside me and I’ve revised to page 30. It’s going pretty well, actually. I’ve loosened up a bit now that the awful first draft is behind me.

    Sit down and get busy, Indy. You’ve got a book to finish.

  2. I’m wrestling with the POV question right now—whose eyes am I going to use? Do i make the central character carry the POV, or would it be better to stay one step removed from her singular mindset?


  3. This afternoon I’ll be laying my printed chapters in a circle around the garage floor (the only place dogs can’t “rearrange” them) to get a new perspective on order and chapter length.

    I feel like I’ve hiked to the top of the mountain, thinking I did the hard part, only now I’m looking down and saying “Holy fucking hell, how do I get back down?”

  4. You are in a very good place.

    Two novels printed out double spaced, 289 pages on one, 256 pages on the other. Both have had numerous rewrites, numerous readers who love them, many queries and not one chance. Who the fuck am I kidding, I don’t know a limp dick from a dangling participle.
    Ya know what’s heartbreaking, I feel like a formula one driver astride a Schwinn.

  5. Yay Indy!!

    I have been wrestling the damn thing to the ground. I’ve about 100 pages left to edit, then my dear husband is going to print out the, as it stands, 377 pages and get out the red pen. Probably the worst idea in the history of marriages, but I’m so sick of looking at it, I’m presently doubting I’ll care even a little bit if he tears it to shreds.
    And if it ends up being a drawer novel, well, I’m on my way to my million words as long as I don’t have to look at these for some time…

  6. Must a dog be referenced in every post?

    Draft 2 is on a USB stick. And I’m revising as I go – not time to print yet. I’m in the more polished stuff right now, and I don’t hate all of it but miles to go still.

    (That could be another rejection letter: “We didn’t hate all of it…..just most!)

    • Must a dog be referenced in every post? Is this a challenge? Yes, your kids are still paying me to mention dogs. My friends just got a really cute 36-lb (16.3 kg) beagle mix. She’s really charming.

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