Make a new plan, Stan

There I was, gearing up for battle. I had eaten, done some editing, cleared my calendar, I was ready, by God, to do some writing.


No, really, this manuscript, I need to dive in and WORK on it. I’ve done all this new writing and a lot of it sucks, but it is the beginning of new ideas!

Let me see how my friends are doing on facebook.

Yep. This is how I squandered part of my afternoon. I could not keep my damn attention on the manuscript.

And so instead of going into battle, I made a battle plan. I promised myself that I did not have to write or edit a goddamned word during this time. But I would scan the manuscript and make a bunch of notes for things to work on tomorrow.

What is your battle plan?


7 responses to “Make a new plan, Stan

  1. Ah, a battle plan…hmmm…nope, nothing yet. I want to write something amazing that engages me and none of the ideas are jumping to the forefront. I think the time has come to just start back at it.
    But I may read another book first. Maybe two…

  2. Plan…plan…somebody got a plan because I sure as hell don’t.

    Like they say, “when you make a plan God laughs.”
    Hear that sound? It’s God rolling over and hugging his sides in hysterics because a week ago I thought I had a plan.

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