All week/month/summer I’ve been whining about structure to anyone who would listen and a bunch of people who wouldn’t. I’ve been calling my structure organic. I’ve been ducking the question. I’ve been just writing and hardly organizing for two years.

In the early days of my dipping my toes into this Writing the Fucker business, one of you gave me her phone number to call and talk about memoir writing and interviews. I was anonymous. I could have been an axe murderer. It turns out, though, that I’m just a cranky copyeditor with a lot of questions about memoir. I don’t even own an axe.

She told me back then that I needed to know what question I was answering in each chapter. Well, back then I didn’t even HAVE chapters, so I filed that scary fact away in the place where I keep thoughts like “I should probably have a will” and “maybe flood insurance is a good idea, what with global warming and all”.

But, today I sat down and asked those questions. What did I want to do in each chapter? The questions were banal but real. And I realized that the questions fell into four groups, and the groups fell in an order…

I may have a structure after all. And if you see Teri Carter, give her a big smacking kiss on the cheek from me.


6 responses to “Questions

  1. Alll of this sweet sounding support may to go to Indy’s head. Stop your whingeing Indy! You know what to do. Do it!

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