Informal author queries

A glance at author queries of recent papers after my first pass make it obvious why I do two passes.

AU: You have no key terms. Psych!

AU: Really?

AU: Eh?

AU: Please provide expansion for ??.

AU: Please provide issue number for ref. X.

AU: Racist 😦

AU: No. Just…no.

What do you say when you think no one is listening?


8 responses to “Informal author queries

  1. Are you f—ing kidding me? You don’t need to know that and I don’t need to spend four hours of my life finding it for you. The quality of our lives will not be enhanced in any way if I fill your asinine request, so do it yourself and keep me out of it.

    Whew. That felt . . . good.

  2. WTF, huh, I don’t get it, where am I, who am I, oh yeah, I get it, who is that behind the curtain, it sure as hell isn’t me, my ass itches, where’s the dog, how the hell could you consider yourself a writer, you can’t even spell.

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