The Social Whirl

Houseguest, houseguest, pitbull, drive to another state, rehearsal dinner, wedding, houseguest, birthday, houseguest. Let’s just say I haven’t gotten much editing done in the past few days. Also I’m exhausted. When I got home from [state redacted] the very idea of carrying a conversation with anyone made me want to vomit, there were three new people in the house, and someone had cooked dinner, so I couldn’t even slink away and carry on a conversation with the back of my eyelids.

I listened to everyone else talk, ate my weight in delicious food, silently cleared away the plates and started the dishes, and then cooed meaninglessly at the pitbull, who was trying her level best to kiss my face off. I told the one person who I hadn’t met before that I was usually slightly more animated than your average zombie, just not today.

Now I hardly have the energy to blabber through a blog post. DP has had to check my pulse at least three times today to make sure I am sill alive. I may never talk again. How was your weekend?


6 responses to “The Social Whirl

  1. You’re not livin’ until you’re up all hours of the night (and constantly monitoring all day) the dog’s open sore on the anal glands.

    I’m on day/night #6 and woke up today pissed at my husband. It is as if he’s stealing my sleep. I’m barely coherent.

    • Yikes. There was a small poodle anal gland incident once in New York City. Let’s just say my friend and I taped a maxi pad to the poor poodle’s butt at 2 am (we were slightly tipsy, but I stand by that as a good decision anyway) and hauled him off to the vet the next morning. Funny. But not fun.

  2. This weekend was the last two days of my vacation. I’m calling last week retirement because that’s all I’m going to get.
    This morning I came out of retirement and returned to work. Next year I’ll get to retire again, for a week or so…if I live that long.

  3. My house is overrun by males. They eat a lot and make a lot of noise (my son decided to take on a project involving hours of hammering at 7am on Sunday), and they leave messes behind them everywhere they go. Also, they don’t respect the invisible door to my office, and plant themselves directly behind me while I’m trying to write.

    I took my show on the road. Fifteen well-spent dollars at Starbucks in two days. Needs must, etc.

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