I bought new running shoes yesterday. I’ve been running more regularly recently and have been getting weird shin pains that I’m hoping are from my old shoes and that will magically disappear with the new shoes. I’d had the old ones for a couple years anyway, and the pressure of having just bought new shoes might keep me running until the first real snowfall.

I bought a Mac a few years ago because I needed a new computer. I decided not to buy the cheapest PC I could find because I swear I sit in front of this computer more often than I sit in front of my husband. I am a freelance editor, and without my computer I’m just a near-homeless person with uncanny grammar skills.

Of course I’m privileged that necessity doesn’t make me buy a crappy PC because I can’t scrounge the money for a Mac. But if you can afford a little bit extra without having to eat cat food, then it is good sometimes to make a gesture of faith in yourself.

What do you invest in?


14 responses to “Investments

  1. I am cheap! It’s a rare occasion I buy anything for myself. I did splurge on a nice camera before moving back to Europe. I feel justified though, because I use it all the time.

    ps – here’s to magic shoes!

  2. Running shoes (I have too many injuries to mess with bad shoes).
    The right purse.
    Having the gray colored out of my hair.
    Peet’s French Roast coffee beans.
    Dog food and dog toys and dog bones.
    Heavy note paper.

  3. Shoes because at work I am on my feet hauling ass 3 to 4 miles a day.

    I have invested a hell of a lot of time and fortitude in what I do. To bad I’m so god-damned old, grrrr… because if I were younger…
    I hope I live long enough for the payoff.

  4. Sneakers. Watches. Cameras. Fountain pens. Shoes that fit.

    (Re: shin splints, usually an overuse injury, but hopefully the new jumpers will take care of it. If not, and you’re running daily, it may be too much. You want to think in terms of 10% increases per week. So if you’re running three two-milers a week, the following week you only want to increase by a mile or less. Don’t add an extra run. It’s the slow increases that will let your body adapt. Sometimes people jump from two to four days a week and then it becomes an issue. You break the 10% rule. If you recently started running daily, it’s probably two much. Day on, day off, that sort of thing. And thank you. Because of you, I ordered a new pair today. For the record, knee pain is almost always because of old sneakers or a pair that aren’t suited to your running. Go to one of those wonderful running stores near you and let them watch you run. They can tell you what shoe works best for you. It’s amazing the difference it can make. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by I-don’t-even-play-a-doctor-on-tv-but-have-learned-by-doing-everything-i’m-telling-you-not-to-do.)

    • Running every day? You are so optimistic. I’m going for M/W/F. And yesterday I went back to my shorter run with the new shoes. It was great.

      After two failed/not very good longer runs, I NAILED the shorter run. It’s just like writing. A few terrible writing sessions, you hate everything about yourself and then you write something awesome.

      There’s a great local running shop, they watched my gait, and the cute saleswoman didn’t even make fun of my thirty-ever-increasing-mumbles slow jogging style. And the nice blue shoes were (thank god) more comfortable than the Hot! Pink! Runners!

      Win win.

  5. Mountain bike and food. Good food.

    Hey what’s with all the runners on your blog? You should tell them about the t-shirt dr cougar had made for you when you were three…

  6. Lately it’s been mostly running gear. About time for some new kicks — they’ll be my fourth pair this year. I recently spent $50 on a pair of socks. They’re the first socks I’ve ever had that were specific to my right and left foot. They’re compression knee-highs that really helped with my shin splints. I wear them now on all of my long runs. (About to head out on a long run in a few minutes.) I now have more running shirts and shorts than I’ll need for a lifetime.

    Oh, and I was in Portland last week and spent too-little time at Powell’s. I only bought $135 worth of books.

  7. Hey you runners out there – buy a mountain bike! Your legs will let you down. This I know. I am not cougar for nothing. My mumble-decades of elite running have taught me: running is a fickle friend! Why is mountain biking so good? Well, it doesn’t hurt as much afterwards (unless you fall of and break things, which I do, but at least it’s my FAULT then). And, it’s as close as you can get to running as running if you can’t run with your normal style and grace. It’s a wheel chair for runners, and a source of inspiration for writers. I’ve managed to discuss my fractures in [name of Very Important med journal redacted]. Buy a mountain bike! I did…

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