Where To Begin?

I’m on day 1 of my residency (well, it’s officially day 2, but I didn’t get here until 5 o’clock yesterday, so that didn’t really count). It’s an embarrassment of riches. There is space to sleep, write, and lounge, er, I mean, read. I have profound privacy and I have company around me if I look for it. [Location redacted] is amazing. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.

Moving on. I have two weeks in front of me. I want to work my ass off. I spent a while this morning pacing my lovely space, thinking about where to begin. Books are long and have many words. Most of those words, in my case, need work.

And so I went for a walk. My excuse was that I needed coffee (no coffee, no writing, it’s that simple). But I also needed to orient myself. I needed to expend some nervous energy. This residency is vital. I need the time and depth to think shit through. Otherwise I’ll be skimming the surface forever. This is the time where the work needs to be done. There will be heavy lifting.

Walking back from the grocery store, I decided that I didn’t have to have a battle plan. All work on the manuscript was good, and now I have coffee, PB&J, and snacks. I just need to work. Last night I decided I would read one of the books I brought with me and freewrite some new material. I ended up on the couch with my printed-out book, revising from the beginning. Already I have added texture. The work has begun.

Where do you begin?


9 responses to “Where To Begin?

  1. Your residency sounds wonderful. I can feel it in your words. I’m working on something small right now, but I still envy you your focus.

    As to where I begin: I’ve been told many times that I seem to begin in the middle (as in thinking it’s the beginning.) Gotta work on that, too. 🙂

  2. I begin where I left off if where I left off is where I want to start. That sounds like BS but that’s what I do.
    To revise effort is a joy, it just feels so worthwhile.
    That you have this time to focus is grand. Let the world fall away and enjoy.

  3. And this is how you go, and dig and be angry and bitter and sadder and write better than you ever have before. Make this count, dear Indy. Pummel yourself, pummel your words, and every day when you wake up, get to work.
    Because out here, in the pseudo-real world of people who give a really big damn about you, we want to see this happen.
    Fuck yeah.

  4. C’mon Indy stop writing about it and get going! Your blog mates are being far too sympathetic.

    Take those scissors! Snip, snip, snip. Then get your glue stick and put it all together again! That’s what the wise woman would do…

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