Residency Notes

I am motivated, in part, by my own ambition. But it turns out I’m also motivated by a group of bloggers who really want to be on two-week residencies, but aren’t, and so will each individually fly to [location redacted] and murder me if I don’t get any writing done. You guys are a vicious lot, but I love you.

One of the residents here is 24. She asked me and another writer how we balanced work, writing, and the rest of life. We looked at each other, broke out laughing, and said “we don’t.” Something is always neglected.

I don’t miss DP. We were at the end of the summer where neither of us were working outside the home. We were getting in each other’s hair and on each other’s nerves. I’m glad to have physical solitude in my rooms, and this profound emotional privacy. My only responsibility is to my work. Today I had my first small sharp pain of loneliness.  I wouldn’t want to live like this forever.

3 responses to “Residency Notes

  1. And that loneliness will help serve your project, so all is well. My husband left yesterday and will be gone for a week. A whole week!!! I work so much better when I’m home alone, though I know that by next Friday I’ll be looking for my partner in crime. (crime being “not-writing”)

    As part of your vicious tribe, get to work Indy!!!

  2. You don’t have to be lonely. We’re all in this together. Teri’s doing it, and I am too. Professor Clause is at the Varsity (that’s what we call universities in my part of the world), and here I am in the back country with snow on the mountains and only my laptop for company. LIke you, I’ve got to finish the fucker, so just imagine me at your side. Cut. don’t imagine that. If I were at your side, we’d be talking non-stop and non-sequitur. MIght not help the productivity.

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