Home again, home again

First cup of coffee at my dining room table. The cat gave me a piece of her mind when I walked through the door. She likes to lecture me when I’ve been away, but I have no idea what she said. The tone is clear, however.

Yesterday was weird and displaced, where to settle? But today started out as expected. There is coffee, my dining room table, the computer, dogs to let out, let in, let out—what are you, a cat??—the usual.

But in some ways the routine doesn’t change. Get the coffee, sit down at the computer, work. Today I’m doing editorial work and submitting, preparing (mentally) for my second job to begin tomorrow. Doing the laundry.

All so boring, but not necessarily bad. Tell me something interesting.

9 responses to “Home again, home again

    • I don’t know! I think the book and I need a break. The chance to retreat is amazing and I highly recommend it. I was chewed up with anxiety while leaving, I think, because I wanted the book to have come far enough. I’m not sure I even know what far enough is. Thus the anxiety?

  1. I think you won’t know what far enough is until you’ve gone farther than that. This will happen someday, truly.

    In the meantime, let’s look at something interesting. This is what I wish my life was like:


    Maybe I can get a Giraffe though instead!

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