A Book In Search of a Soundtrack

I’m thinking of dedicating my memoir to The Civil Wars for the number of times I listened to their new album while working on the Fucker.

But the additional, and possibly embarrassing, truth is that I listen to a lot of REM while I write. I haven’t listened to REM in years, but “Automatic for the People” is the very fabric of my junior year in high school, and “Reveal” was on steady repeat when I worked at the bookstore.

So it brings me back like the sound of my mother’s coffee grinder (which I use daily), the incessant sawing of cicadas, and blue line of mountains on the horizon.

What reminds you of home?


3 responses to “A Book In Search of a Soundtrack

  1. The smell of Lilacs for my mother’s house and the smell of lavender and must for my Grandmother’s. Now that I’m older and live on my own, I wonder what my house smells like to other people. I imagine pet dander, coffee, and Miller High Life. Also, REM is great to write to. Try playing the REM station on Pandora?

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