Why Do Sentences Send Me Into a Rage?

Because if you’re writing a dissertation, part of what you’re being tested on is the ability to write.

Because there is enough bullshit in the world that we don’t need people mangling the language trying to make themselves sound smarter.

Because writing simply and clearly is hard, and people rarely do it.

Because if you don’t know what the fucking word means, you probably shouldn’t use it.

Because the writers of hideous sentences often get paid a shit-ton more than I do. And they get more respect.

Because I’ve been wrestling sentences for a long time and sometimes I lose all perspective.

Because I forgot to take my ADD meds this morning, and am hanging on to my editing abilities with the skin of my teeth.

Because it is not beer o’clock yet.

Because someone has to care about this shit.



5 responses to “Why Do Sentences Send Me Into a Rage?

  1. Get thee to the couch, and have the lovely DP bring you a beer (or 3) while he makes you a fabulous dinner. And give your pup a smooch while you’re at it. Your heart rate will come down during said smooch.

  2. I’m late to the pep-talks, but I’m glad you care so much about this, indy. You make me think about my word choices—especially when I’m writing articles for work, but also in my fiction.

    Thanks for wielding your mighty Pen of Edit. 🙂

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