A Second Honeymoon

DP and I did not go to Hawaii for a honeymoon. Originally we were going to go to [state of my origin] to have a wedding lunch for/with my mother, but then my mother died. So we rented a cabin in [picturesque neighboring state].  A few days after our wedding, we packed up the car, grabbed the dog, bought some groceries, and drove a couple hours to recover from everything. I liked the idea that every time we went away for a weekend in [picturesque state] it would be like our honeymoon all over again.

I know you’re tired of hearing me drone on about my residency. Bully for you, you got to spend two weeks in a great place writing while I was stuck in my cubicle with two sick kids and an angry cat. (Sorry, I know I suck.) However, now when I get out my book again, it is easier to slip into that time of work and concentration. The writing and editing is a familiar space. Even at my messy dining room table with DP walking by every three seconds to tell me something, I have a shred of that writing residency still with me.

Where is your favorite place and how often do you get to see it?


8 responses to “A Second Honeymoon

  1. We flew to [paradise redacted] for our honeymoon, and then 10 years later moved within driving distance of [same paradise redacted] so we get to go there often now, with our dogs, [names redacted].

    * tee hee hee *

  2. My favorite place is a headspace where the words flow and seem full of potential. Doesn’t matter where I am when it happens . . . though there is a little coffee shop about two miles away from the kids’ school where I can usually access that ‘space.

    And the second floor of the library nearest my house (different from my system).

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