As of October 17, I am coming up on my sixth anniversary of going freelance. I went freelance right about the time the economy tanked, but I am still alive, and I haven’t starved to death or gone back to the cubicle.

Six years! I haven’t lived anywhere six years but my current location and my hometown. I haven’t held a single job for six years. My dog isn’t even six years old yet!

I feel insanely lucky that I have unfettered access to natural light and that I like my job most days. Yesterday I took the day off to paint. You might imagine me in an airy studio in front of a canvas, with Mozart playing in the background, but in fact I was slapping tinted primer onto walls, cutting in the edges, and cursing the ladder that kept dropping spider parts into my paint bucket.

(Can I say that tinted primer is one of the best inventions in the world?)

What anniversaries do you celebrate?


12 responses to “Freelancing

  1. Aug. 14, 1988 my first by-line in a daily. Actually, two articles broke on the same day. Two papers, two different subjects, one about the content of my character, (thank you Rev. King) and the other on stay at home parenting. Both got me checks, one got praise and the other got me a mailbox full of letters and was sent out over the wire-service. It was a hell of a day.

  2. Before we start talking about anniversaries, can you please explain why painting the walls means you do not have to pick up the phone when I ring? And that after I said sweet things about you not being able to remember my birthday?

    Anniversaries, schmanniversaries. Can’t remember what day it is and you expect me to remember anniversaries?

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve worked in freelance for over 2 years

    I celebrate two anniversaries:
    July 7: A month ago I landed in Atlanta and realized “No one is hiring for my skill set unless I completed that degree even though I don’t need a degree to do the work”. I received my first assignment with freelance writing on that day..
    October 1: The first day I made the plunge into freelancing assignment.

    It’s comforting to hear from someone who has done 6 years!

  4. I don’t ignore anniversaries anymore—I have a blog to feed.

    I do, however, ignore high school and college reunions, for reasons I will probably blog about eventually . . .

  5. That’s awesome, Indy! Six years!

    I’ve never been big on anniversaries. I suppose I feel a bit burdened by them. I am always reminded (by the same family member) of the day my mother passed away and my heart stops every time. I really should tell them to stop doing that.

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