The Venn Diagram of My Life

The first circle is my life. The next circle is things that I think are interesting in my life. Then there is things other people think are interesting about my life. Another circle is things that have affected me, whether or not they are interesting. The next circle is things that are related to the “story” of my memoir. I get lost too.

Then Lyra pipes up and says “I know you can do this because you won’t give up until it is so true, you get choked up writing it.”

Yes, ma’am. Sometimes good advice cuts straight through your bullshit, your whining, and your half-baked metaphors.

What gets you from whining to the page?


6 responses to “The Venn Diagram of My Life

  1. Wanting to know what happens next, why a character is reacting/saying/doing what s/he’s reacting/saying/doing, and the promise of mental endorphins if I just sit my ass down and write already.

  2. “What gets you from whining to the page?” What kind of writing is that, Indy? I had to read it six times before I understood. I imagined you, a leaf of paper in front of your O-shaped mouth, with a high-pitched squeal floating over your head in a series of e-e-e-e-es. And thinking of the thing that would tear you away from that page (from, “ex”). Really. that’s what I thought. I hope you find this reader feedback helpful. Sometimes what you write is not what others read.

    Well, let me tell you something that will get you whining TO the page. Whining loudly. Did you know that the 2013 Man-Booker prize winner is TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD!!!!! Second book. OMG! Whining, anyone?

    And, from 2014, the Man-Booker is open to all English language speakers,not just those from the Commonwealth, so get writing!

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