Attitude Problems

I have a short amount of editorial work to do this morning. I had enough time to do it yesterday before my second job, except that I wrote instead. Writing is the ultimate excuse. It is more important than dishes, more important than social engagements, more important than irritating editorial projects.

It’s not just my usual laziness and lack of engagement that is keeping me from wanting to complete this project. It’s rage. I do not believe in this project. I’ve figured out a way to engage with this project and keep my ethics intact, but the entire situation pisses me off.

These are not optimal working conditions.

And then there are a few other noneditorial issues (mostly involving paint) that make me cranky and an interpersonal conflict or two flaring up on the horizon. I’m doing great.

Tell me some good news, friends.


13 responses to “Attitude Problems

  1. Yesterday I discovered the 2000 film, ‘Finding Forrester’. It is one of my son-in-laws favorite movies. He’s not a writer but he’s from the hood, sort of, at least to me it’s the hood, almost, and he’s living in paradise now, sort-of, at least to him it’s kind of.
    He told me I should see it because I am a writer. It was free to rent so yesterday I watched it twice and am listening to it as I write this now. Next viewing, I think I’ll take notes.
    It’s required watching for anyone who has held a pencil or tapped a key with the intention to write.
    If you haven’t seen it, SEE IT, before you write another word. If you have seen it, WATCH IT AGAIN.

  2. Good News:

    1) Cougar Boy (Dr and Prof Cougar’s eldest) just did the oral defence for his PhD. He is now Dr Cougar Boy.
    2) Baby Clause (11th grade – our mutual niece) knows the difference between synecdoche and metonymy.

    Is that good enough?

  3. Bad News:

    we have had wind gust of over 50MPH nineteen out of the past thirty days where i live. Four of the past thirty days, those gusts were over 80MPH. (I’ll take your rain Downith)

  4. A very difficult personality just left my co-operative organization! Whoopee! Outside, I was diplomatic and reasonable. Inside, doin’ a dance, hoppin’ around, pokin’ my fingers jauntily into the air.

  5. Halloween is almost over! Somehow, I got roped into being Room Captain for my kindergartener’s parties (Husband suggests I insist on being called, Room Comandante to improve matters with a show of force) while I have also volunteered to be in other son’s classroom. Between the hours of 9 and 11 pm I have been sending e-mails to organize parties and it is almost over!
    Until Christmas, excuse me, Holiday Party season.
    I’ll be the one dancing around the Festivus pole.

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