I had my writing group meeting on Wednesday. Because of the vital help of [friend redacted, although her blog can be found stage left], my little essay was in pretty good shape. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to explain something or gone into detail about something that I should take out.

The group did not have a lot to say to me in the way of criticism, so I ended up asking them questions about the places I wasn’t sure about. Finally I asked the question that I pretty much ask all the time.

“How is the ending?”

“Good, I liked it.”

“What about the last line?”

“Oh, hm,” the silent sound of rereading, “You know, I feel as if you could end on the sentence before the end.”

And you know what? I knew that. I knew I faked the ending. I knew the last line was too obvious, too pat. The sound was good, but it was calculated to make you cry at work. I could do better. I could. I just tacked it on. I could take it off and end it properly.

Are you cheating or is it for real?


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