Finding humor in strange places

It turns out that one of the shortened department names of Oxford is “bioch”.* The email address of one of my authors in the paper I’m working on is “”.

Tee hee.

(*Cougar, “bioch” is a pop-culture reinterpretation of the word “bitch.” I guess it is biochemistry as well.)

You may or may not remember the barrier jet scandal (go read the post, I promise it will make you giggle into your coffee).

I revisited the art of writing carefully worded emails about “unintended second meanings” the other day. Fortunately I was writing to an editorial professional rather than the author so I was allowed to smirk slightly over email.

My author had abbreviated “formula units” to “f.u.” The authors were not native English speakers. My editorial coordinator told me to leave it as is and to try not to snicker like a twelve year old.

What do you find unintentionally funny?


10 responses to “Finding humor in strange places

  1. We have, in our department, a fantastic historical periodical that the library has been archiving for over a hundred years—The Annals of Iowa.

    I have been hearing patrons mispronounce that first word for over fifteen years and it is never not funny.

  2. do you HAVE to tell all your readers that Dr Cougar lives under a rock?

    (Good thing you didn’t let them know she’s an Ass Prof. She is. that means Associate Prof downunder).

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