I think it snowed here this morning, and I don’t just mean the static that fills what goes for my brain these days. Yesterday I finished up editing an article while a) listening to my brother-in-law talk about climate change (he is an engineer, so his perspective is all new and interesting and yet strangely familiar), b) making sure my sister was amused, and c) making sure my sister wasn’t picking on the kid. (She can’t help it. The Kid is an only child and so she gets all this adult attention that she would probably rather duck.)

I asked five stupid questions to my editorial overlords, who didn’t seem to mind. I fessed up that I was editing in between making sure there were things for other people to eat for lunch, and that the Kid got to [college redacted] tour on time. Now the Kid is on her way to another college tour (accompanied by her parents), and I’m sneaking away to report on my nonexistent writing life.

Ah, writing. I almost miss you.

Everyone seems reasonably happy. I’ve not had to hit the whiskey just yet. And as long as everyone (I’m looking at you, stripy feline) gets through today’s vet appointment OK, then I will try not to complain any more than strictly necessary.

Maybe, writing, I don’t miss you so much after all.

Do you freak out more or less than necessary?



12 responses to “Snow

  1. I mean this in the nicest way, oh you amateur, relax, you make me smile.

    In a little over eighteen months I hosted in my home, one engagement party, 75 guests, two bridal showers, 60 women at one, 52 women at another. I had two weddings, one at a beautiful venue, 125 guests and another six months later RECEPTION AT MY HOME, for 135. (Nice porta-potties are very expensive.)
    In-between all that I hosted the family Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve celebrations and other family functions for never less that eighteen. There was an after-funeral get together for ninety in my home as well. That one was in January, too cold outside; everyone was IN-MY-HOUSE.
    Just hosted a baby-shower for one of the brides, 35 on the guest list and Christmas Eve is here again this year. Thanksgiving is at my sister-laws this year but I’m bringing, dishes, flatware, food and something to hold drinks and ice. I may be taking a table and some extra chairs, not sure yet. I should have just done it here. BTW only the wedding reception was catered. I cook, work full-time and turn out my column each week.

    “Do you freak out more or less than necessary?”
    I don’t freak out.
    I make sure the bathrooms are clean, the dog hair is swept and I cook, a lot.

    Am so enjoying you angst 🙂

  2. Just got home from work.( I meant to say “your” angst).

    Actually Teri I’m not 17 people I’m 5 and organized. The big get togethers were stressful but all the other stuff, I love it and am disappointed Thanksgiving is elsewhere this year. We have the biggest house so that’s why everyone ends up here. Hell, the only time my house gets clean is when a holiday comes up.

  3. I used to freak out easily and sometimes I still do, but mostly at this point I tend to underprepare. It always ends up just fine, because the truth is that people gather for the company and nothing else. So I have a few store-bought dinners or forget to sweep the front porch. No one cares about that shit but me, and if I let it go, it’s gone.

    Enjoy your peeps, chickadee.


  4. I freak out. Ridiculously. All the time.
    I have to say though that as far as gatherings at my house, if they’re official like Thanksgiving, my husband does all the work.
    As for unofficial, I have had much luck with sending a note to some neighbors like this, “Sitting out back looking at some extra beers if anyone is thirsty.” When it’s completely unplanned and the house is a wreck it is amazing how comfortable everyone feels. I mean, come on. I always feel better if I walk in somewhere and the host tells me to stir something, or grab a beer and talk to them while they’re still doing that magical thing in the kitchen where food from the store turns into food that we eat. Harry Potter’s got nothing on cooks.
    Good luck, Indy.
    (Stock up and have a few beers before company arrives…)

  5. I freak out quietly, but thoroughly, as I’ve learned over the years that if I visualize and plan for the worst , it never happens.

    Hey, I think it’s necessary.

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