I’m the boss!

Copyeditors are the oldest children of the publishing world. They follow and enforce rules set by other people. They are responsible, hold writers to a high standard, and are in general smug and insufferable. And they hate to be crossed.

I got questioned the other day about APA style in the course of a gig. Now, I may be ignorant of a ton of things—my retail experience alone taught me that I can count to 100 fifteen different ways—but I’ve got APA chapter and verse. If I looked it up, I am right. I stamp my feet and say, “because I said so!”.

I didn’t say it was pretty. [Rude comment about older sisters redacted as I have not talked to Cougar in days because she insists on going to other countries and calling me only when I’m at Second Job. Not that you guys care, sorry.]

My role cracks me up because I am the youngest child. I didn’t even have authority over my stuffed animals. (My friends used to turn them against me. I wish I were kidding.) Now I rule over a very small kingdom, placing dots on the page. And, by god, I was right about that point of style.

How bossy are you?


11 responses to “I’m the boss!

  1. My husband calls me the boss, I call him king. My kids tell me that regarding Smart Food and Smart Phones, I am not qualified.
    I love when things go my way until they get fucked up, then of course it was always someone else’s idea 🙂

    I did not know until after her death that my strong, opinionated, controlling, her way or the highway mom, was actually a fragile husk of a woman wearing a mask of strength her entire life.

    Indy, your mask is slipping.
    I learned a long time ago…to let it go.
    In the vast scheme of things, THEM knowing you are right means shit, YOU knowing you are right means everything.

    Sorry, sometimes I sound like such a mother.

  2. My little brothers and former co-workers might tell you that my motto is: “Well, SOMEBODY has to be in charge around here, somebody has to make a decision. It may as well be me.”

    But what do they know.

  3. From [name redacted] international airport:

    I saw a guy with a t-shirt, walking down the esplanade of [famous surfing beach] reading: “I don’t need google, [doctor cougar] knows everything!”

    Don’t you love how square brackets allow one to editorialise?

    Home in about 5 hours. will call you tomorrow (during your teaching session, I am sure).

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