The Fangs and Clause Official Unpaid Editorial Work Fee Matrix

A conversation with Sarah W. prompted me to construct this fee structure. (It had nothing to do with my dislike for genetics papers, really.)  I was a writing tutor in college, and during orientation we were told not to help our friends for free. I’ve taken this good advice to heart.  This is not to say that I charge my friends $75/hour [Ed. note: Indy Clause only wishes she made $75/hr]. But I make them buy me beer or dinner or read my own work.

Unpaid Freelance Work Fee Matrix

DP molds young minds for a living. One day he told his students that they all had to learn how to cite in MLA—no exceptions—unless they married copyeditors.

How much do you charge?


5 responses to “The Fangs and Clause Official Unpaid Editorial Work Fee Matrix

  1. If it’s a specific question related to the niche I work in, I will help friends and family, no question. However…if the only reason someone repeatedly contacts me is for that, well, it doesn’t usually go well. I spend so much time doing what I don’t want to do that it kills me to put my brain in that space unless absolutely required. Chocolate and beer just wouldn’t be enough. I’d expect babysitting services.

      • I think as well that with writing friends, we can feel when someone is freaking out and needs help, you know. The human aspect rules. But with what I do, it’s all about money. There is nothing human or redeeming about it. Ick.

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