Weekend Notes

Can you tell I’ve run out of good titles?

It’s about to snow up to our eyeballs, or at least the eyeballs of a very tall cat (who lives inside thankyouverymuch). I have great plans for the weekend. I’m going to clean out my office, clean out the guest room, write, and make chicken and biscuits. It’s earlyish in the morning, all things still seem possible.

I’ve put in all my changes from my beta reader, and now need to start writing again. Do I write new chapters? Do I add material to old chapters? Do I write little chapterlets and hope they fit somewhere? Do I read more and bring in outside research? Do I print it out and read it again?

I think I’m tired of reading. Certain chapters get shined to a high gloss, because I’ve gone over them so many times. They may not be finished, but I have a hard time seeing them any other way. Look at that transition, isn’t it beautiful? I might say, completely in denial about how bad the scene following the elegant transition might be. So I guess it is to be new reading, new material, new notes, new chapterlets.

What do you do on snowy days, should you live in a place that has them?


3 responses to “Weekend Notes

  1. I park in line with a row of previously-parked cars in a hardpacked snow-covered lot and get trapped by a self-righteous driver who arrives after the snow melts and decides to take the Real Space slightly behind me . . .

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