Why Are You So Negative?

I began this blog as a counterpoint to positive self-promoting blogs. It was anonymous because I didn’t want to lose editorial work, and yet I wanted to make fun of my editing. Sometimes what I find most comforting about the way we live our lives out in public and online is how people talk about their troubles.

This too shall pass

I know this intellectually of course, but when you are stuck in the middle of a trouble, you sometimes just want comfort. You want someone to say “Yes, this sucks. I know why you feel sucky. I’d feel sucky if I had that trouble too. It’s normal to have troubles that make you feel sucky.” And if you’re lucky, you’ll have someone tell you this using more interesting words than variations on “suck.”

And so I was delighted to read about how hard it is to publish a book, how long it took, and what it felt like. I’m sorry that Leigh Newman cried through her revisions, but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one.

I like to complain up a storm about minor editorial problems so that you, dear readers, can pat my hand and say “I can’t believe your dumb author thought it was OK to use italics five times in one sentence!”.

What We Show to the World

I hate having my picture taken. DP took a picture of me the other day and I don’t hate it quite as much as I usually do. But of course, I notice (once it’s on facebook) that there is a dog toy on the floor that looks like a turd (but isn’t), the recycle bin is overflowing, and my hair’s a mess (my hair is always a mess). But I let him put it up because, in his words, “it’s cute! You’re cute!”.

But then I read this article. According to the author, we need more snapshots of people with overflowing recycle bin, because everyone seems to think that everyone else lives in perfectly pristine houses with no dirt or snow tracked through the house.

So, welcome to my blog. No need to watch your mouth or wipe your feet. Tell me your troubles.


10 responses to “Why Are You So Negative?

  1. It’s been 3 months of illness and death. Dog, aunt, friend … all first very ill for weeks, then sudden deaths. A friend’s mother died night before last, another friend’s lab. retriever suddenly collapsed and needed to be put down, a family who used to live by us lost their 19 yr old college freshman on Sunday when he was found frozen to death on his Minnesota campus (walking home after a party, never made it), and got an email yesterday that an old friend has stage 4 liver cancer (he’s 47 yrs old).

    Somebody turn off this fucking spigot.

  2. I despise having my picture taken and rarely agree to it. It’s hypocritical, of course, and I have no justification other than I simply don’t like it.

    Over the years, I’ve become sensitive to backgrounds. Rather than the obvious “subject” of a photograph, the background can sometimes be the real story. Yesterday I took a group shot of some kids at my daughter’s holiday party. When I downloaded it on my computer this morning I noticed one boy sitting by himself, watching all the fun be had. The happy group versus the lone child. It’s a very sad picture. I filed it under “photojournalism.”

  3. I also hate having my photo taken and used to avoid it as much as possible. I still hate it, but have come to realize that the people I love want photos of me as much as I do of them. They don’t care that I’m not pretty or my face looks fat or my hair is a bird’s nest, they just want to remember us, together. The least I can do is smile back.

  4. As this has also turned into an I hate having my phucking photo taken fest, I recently tried to find a photo to post as an Official Author Photo Bullshit Thing.
    Oh dear. Seems I’ve pulled a horrible or stupid face in every photo taken of me since 1968. Or maybe that’s how I really look.

    Given the invitation to whinge, whine, share troubles, I’ll only say CHRISTMAS.

    On a positive note, I will say I always read your posts, quite enjoy your Truthful Negativity, but also, I recently spent some time searching here, and found some very useful posts about technical stuff. So Merry Phucking Christmas Indie Clause, thanks for the prezzies, and sorry about all The Stupid Capital Letters.

    • Thanks, harryipants. I like stupid capital letters when used for Effect, although not of course in formal writing. πŸ™‚ Any technical questions, ask away. I get distracted from the copyediting stuff sometimes.

  5. Back in the days of print photos, my aunt (who was by no means ugly at all) literally took a pair of scissors and cut her face out of photos. She was also the family photographer, so she had all of the power in that situation.

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