What day is it?

New Years Eve. Blah blah blah. It’s 20 degrees below what the fuck?? this morning, and I can’t be bothered. I’ve hated holidays most of my adult life. I feel really introspective about my year in September. This isn’t because I’m Jewish, it’s because I’m yoked to academic calendars still. I feel goopy and romantic with DP at various times, not just mid February. Christ’s birth? Well, let’s not talk about that now.

I see my in-law family over the summer, when they come up and we spend a lot of time watching triplets running around the yard and barbecuing and drinking beer [difficult job, but someone has to do it], and my sisters in March and whenever Cougar can be bothered to fly halfway around the world to see me [note: she’s going to have my ass for that comment]. These are my holidays, really.

DP disagrees. He says that you need something to look forward to when it gets dark at 3 pm. It is no coincidence that he is better at gift giving than I am.

So I am getting ready for our annual Indian buffet. Almost everything was cooked yesterday, because Indian food tastes better the next day. People are going to show up. I will probably be happy to see them. I’ll look at the stars (should it not be snowing) at midnight and then shuffle everyone out and go to bed. I will not have champagne at midnight because it’s always that last glass, particularly of bubbly, that ruins you for the next morning. I do believe there is some maple bourbon left. A much safer choice all around.

(This post, which has nothing to do with her, is dedicated to my mother, who would have been 81 today. 81!)


9 responses to “What day is it?

  1. Good to know about the Indian food since I’ve never taking much of a liking to it (though #1 Son drags us to the local buffet all the time). I certainly respect your view of imposed rather than personal holidays. I always feel as though I’m in a performance around the traditional holidays. (I don’t even share my birthday with most people simply because it want it to be something of my own.)

    So, random, non-holiday best wishes for your and your husband.

  2. Happy new year anyway, Indy!

    We’re heading all the way next door to have some champagne and awesome food and maybe even play some Trivial Pursuit …. which means I’ll probably ring in the new year as a loser and be asleep by 10 pm. Such a rebel.

  3. It’s already 2014 where I am (no, I am not going to have your snarky ass, because I am a better person than that! I’ll just release important information about location which will whittle away at your anonymity. Did you see that guys? It’s 2014 where I am. Pretty soon you’ll be able to look up my house on google earth, deduce from that what halfway around the world is,and PING! Indy on a plate! Just like at her buffet!).

    But 2014 looks OK for now. At midnight, we had just arrived back in[OK, I’ll redact the exact name of the place, since only 300 people live there], and the sky was completely filled with stars, the rooster was asleep, and Cubby’s cat was waiting for us.

    Enjoy the Indy buffet, make sure to use coasters on Mom’s table, don’t forget that the forks go on the left, and remember to give Cougarson (what did we call him last time?) a ring, because it’s his birthday today too (but not yet, he’ll still be asleep).

    PS-wish you were here. X

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