Grumbling and Submitting

“I’ve submitted to the weather, isn’t that enough?,” you may implore. “Do I have to submit to contests, journals, and residencies too? I hate the weather, I hate my work, I hate everything but the warm comforter and my bed.”

Yes! You can’t go cool places and write, or be published and achieve fame if you don’t send your shit out! So get up, send something out. There’s a whole new round of submission deadlines waiting. Happy Fucking New Year.

I hope you guys are warm, your roofs are no longer leaking, and that your dogs are behaving perfectly. Now get the fuck off the Internet and submit.

This public service announcement is brought to you by Indy Clause who is applying to [residency redacted] with gritted teeth.


4 responses to “Grumbling and Submitting

  1. Why don’t you call me and whinge, instead of boring all these poor people who don’t know you? You KNOW my number!

  2. Can you believe it? When I try to submit the PS to my first message, WordPress assaulted me with “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    Are you ganging up on me?

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