I’ll Be Back

One of the benefits of blogging anonymously is that you can say that you are away from home without worrying about someone taking the opportunity of robbing your house. That and DP and a very big, very ferocious stripy cat are still at home guarding my chests of gold (please stop laughing) with the intensity of Smaug.

I’m wandering through [town and state redacted], a sunny college town full of bungalows. I look at the big single-glazed windows, often into open living rooms and dining rooms. Some of them are book-lined, and there are windows on the side as well as the front. Often there is someone—usually a woman—framed by one of these windows, or side-lit by one of these windows, on a computer.

I imagine these women are professors, editors, writers. Maybe they are you guys, taking time from their writing to blog, and to look at the people who pass in front of their houses and wonder what they are thinking about. I am thinking about what it would be like to live in a place where it is sunny most of the time, and to live below dusty scrub-filled mountains. I am wondering if I’d walk my dog every day through these hills, and whether it would change how I see things. Would it be easier to live in a place where I didn’t have to shovel, but also where I never had a chance to lie in bed and listen to the rain?

What are you thinking about?


11 responses to “I’ll Be Back

  1. Right now I’m wondering what it would be like NOT to have a head cold. (I almost wrote “to not have a head cold” but I didn’t know if you would approve of a split infinitive.)

  2. That sounds like a lovely place, indy. I’m thinking about how I missed the train again and about how I always dreamed I’d live in a place like that. I’d be the woman in the window who watched you pass before getting back to my latest book. There I’d sit and write before heading off to teach a literature class.

  3. As someone who’s lived in Minnesota at 50 below zero and constant snow, and also in the deserts of Phoenix at 120, I don’t think I can do either one of them again. It was 75 here yesterday and will be 78 today and there’s nothing like driving around in January with your windows down, or sitting outside having coffee with a friend, or walking my giant pack of doggies around a neighborhood where the trees still have their leaves. I swear I’m less grouchy here.

  4. But of course I’m also in vacationland, walking from having coffee with one friend to having coffee with another friend. Everyone is always happy to see me and I don’t have to edit or pay bills or…. It makes everything more sunny.

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