What Else?

Hello, my name is Indy Clause. I’m going to make you do all my work for me. You can see to your right, stage left, that there is a new category called “How do I….?”. What grammatical/punctuation questions do you have that I’ve either written about and not included or have I not written about?

(Note: I know there is one reader question that was backchanneled to me, and that I have not addressed yet. Soon, young reader, soon.)


Indy “gratuitous use of foreign languages is fun and pretentious” Clause


11 responses to “What Else?

  1. This is extra-lame, but I often have a moment of doubt when I’m writing a title of a thing, and I have to decide what words to capitalize. And then I always feel that seasons should be capitalized, like months, and then I do it and it looks goofy and I change it back. I think I probably missed a week in second grade.

  2. That was me up there with the capitalization. Not so embarrassed that I wanted to be anonymous. Just having trouble juggling chips, salsa, wine, and typing.

  3. Puisque tu aimes bien l’utilisation sans raison de langues Ă©trangères, je profite pour te demander pourquoi les guillemets en français ressemble Ă  un double chevron et en anglais ressemblent Ă  des doubles apostrophes sens dessous-dessus.

    Thanks sis

  4. What do you think when you read a novel with no punctuation whatsoever, excepting periods and maybe a few commas. Not even a dot after Mr or Dr —- like Cormac McCarthy, for instance.

    Do you appreciate the effort, or does this kind of thing drive you mad?

    • I have not read such a novel. I’m not sure what I would think about it. (I think the Brits don’t put a dot after Mr. or Dr.) It might drive me mad. However, it’s less likely to drive me mad than seeing the wrong further/farther in print because it’s an artistic choice.

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