This post will not impress you

I’m sick and tired of click bait, although I’m glad I now have a word for it. “This potato recipe will blow your mind.” Well, actually, people have been boiling potatoes before frying or roasting them for years. “This kid will restore your faith in humanity.” Who says I have a problem with humanity? (Please stop laughing.) Contrary to the overhyped titles of ordinary articles, my life is not changed a thousand times every day.

The other thing that pisses me off is references to twitter scandals I have never heard of. Instead of explaining the issue, they link to commentary. Sometimes I want the primary text, people! Links can work as definitions, but sometimes they are just a long chain of referrals, and I never learn anything. (I may be guilty of this.)

My grandmother used to rail against puns in newspaper headlines. That battle is long lost; but you can see that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

But sidling away from my “kids these days” list of complaints, what if we subjected article titles to the kind of rules the FDA has? Can you have a class action suit because you am in fact looking at tissue paper the same way you used to despite article claims?

What claims do you no longer believe?


6 responses to “This post will not impress you

  1. I don’t believe any parenting book or parenting article (or parent) that purports to know the best/only way to do anything. The only people I trust are the ones who begin by saying, “Well, every kid is different, but what may help is…” That’s when I start listening.

    I suppose that goes for many other kinds of creative projects, not just child rearing.

    • Good point! Another difference between babies and dogs. Some things are the same (you can say anything to them in an affectionate voice, and it’s okay), but then you can’t leave a baby in a cage with some treats for a couple hours when you have to leave the house. I feel like dog raising (one of the many reasons it is easier than kid raising) has a few more universal rules.

    • Right? I went on a rant the other day about an article my friend posted about being lean and happy, as if being lean will make you happy, as if being lean is a choice. In my twenties, I ate fried chicken regularly, was underweight, and was really fucking miserable. Hello, genetics.

      And love the mayfly.

  2. Don’t get me started! In addition to being a writer, I am a medical sociologist (well, a sociologist of diagnosis, actually). The claims I don’t believe come from the pharmaceutical industry. Ever heard of female hypoactive sexual desire disorder? The claim associated with that one is that all (presumed heterosexual) women are entitled to lust (vb) at the same time as their (male) partners and have a fulfilled and perfect sex life.

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