Procrastination Friday

I’ve been shuffling links around at Fangs and Clause. It is possible that I have a blog only to hold onto some of my favorite links. You’ll see that not only do I have my nifty “How do I…?” link section (which includes the world-famous Indy Clause cheese biscuit recipe, which I’m promoting for your own good), I also have “What do I read next?” section. What should I read next? is a question that plagues me almost daily.

There are lots of links to love. Sum up your thesis in one sentence? Hilarious reading. “Florida used to be its own independent country. Think about that for a second. ‘In God Is Our Trust: Florida Before and After the Civil War'” or “Psychopaths are mean. (Psychology, University College London).” My thesis was “sonnets are about love, even if you don’t think they are,” but you won’t find it on lol my thesis as I wrote it too many moons ago.

Let’s talk about climate change. Every few years the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) publishes a report about the hot stinking mess our world climate has become. It’s long and technical. One guy decided to summarize the report using illustration and haiku. It’s not quite teaching physics to your dog, but it’ll do.

On the subject of science, let’s talk about overly honest methods. Method sections (for those of you who don’t read science papers for a living) are where scientists describe their research in excruciating detail because the theory is that the results are reproducible given the same exact conditions. Overly honest methods is a twitter hashtag that follows statements such as “Reagent became unavailable in 2002 because no one wanted to order more and be put on a terrorist watchlist” or “Sample size was smaller than planned because I had been in grad school for 10 yrs & my advisor wanted me to graduate.” This is the spirit of Fangs and Clause in a nutshell. Do you remember if rejection slips were honest?

This next link could be called “How Sarah W. almost ruined my life.” I was a little bored one day and I fell down a rabbit hole of web comics/queer and trans links/radical publishers that I found on Sarah W.’s links. Oh my god. I came to my senses about an hour later and decided never ever to click on any of those links again. It was all too interesting, funny, and vast. Riot Nrrd. Do it.

What are your favorite distractions?


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