How To Ruin Your Worklife

I joined twitter. I know, I know. It’s a terrible idea. Poets shouldn’t be on twitter; 140 characters take normal people a minute to compose, but poets can spend years on one line. Those of us with focus issues should not involve ourselves with an electric slingshot that will send us bouncing all over the Internet. And yet.

It’s kind of fun. I started out this blog as an anonymous editor. It has morphed over the years into more of a writing blog because of you lovely people (i.e., my audience). But I think I’m keeping my twitter strictly editorial. No one cares what I ate for lunch, unless I write up a recipe. But my funny (to me) author queries play well in 140 characters. I am a sucker for a good one-liner.

What about you, do you do verbal quickies?


8 responses to “How To Ruin Your Worklife

  1. my last comment seems to have gone missing. what it said was “I tweet, but mainly to tell people to go look at my book blog. I am looking forward to the tweet next week that reads ‘It’s out!'”

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