Amusing Myself

One of the more appealing things about human nature is how we try to construct meaning out of things that may seem to have no meaning. As such, I spend a lot of time amusing myself while reading scientific copy that I really don’t understand. (I don’t understand most of the journal articles I edit, but sometimes it is particularly obscure.) All examples are taken from today’s paper/search for meaning.

“xxxx was performed on an RI and PDA detector”

Really? Aren’t your eyes the ultimate PDA detector? (PDA = public displays of affection, Cougar)

GROMOS11 simulation package

Monster construction? At least it’s not a stimulation package. What could GROMOS possibly stand for? (I just looked it up, and I assure you that my own interpretation is more interesting.)

“In this model, glycans (NaNa) were xxxxxx”

Yes, famous scientists, I can see that you are making fun of your poor copyeditor. You don’t have to mock me directly. NaNa. Hrmph.

Where do you find meaning?


7 responses to “Amusing Myself

  1. All I know it, it never stops being funny when library administrators leave the “l” out of “public” in official memos. Or the “o” out of “county”, for that matter.

    I like to think it’s Freudian (them, not me). 🙂

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