Soulmates and Missed Connections

Back in the early days, when DP and I were newly in love, he did a reading at his university. After the reading, I got into a conversation with one of his colleagues, and confessed that I was a poet. This woman was a poet. And all of a sudden we were talking intensely about the fact that I was writing poems about rocks when I knew nothing about geology. She was writing poems about rocks although she knew nothing about geology. I left the conversation just about humming. I had found a poetic soulmate. It was only later that DP congratulated me for chatting up his boss.

Well, fast forward a number of years, DP and I bicker like an old married couple because we are an old married couple. My soulmate poet published a book. We went to hear her read last night, and she was so good. She reminded me how it was done. She noticed the things I only wished I noticed. She wrote a sonnet about algae. I gave Soulmate Poet a hug; she deserves a book above all others.

And then I was introduced to a woman, but didn’t hear her name, and gave her a total blank stare, escaping the conversation as soon as I could. Of course she turned out to be someone I edited an article for once. Great.

On a scale from zero to a gazillion how fucking awkward are you?


15 responses to “Soulmates and Missed Connections

  1. In work environments, I am the rock star of awkward. Maybe you need to hang with people who are more awkward than you so you rock by comparison?

  2. When I met my son-in-law’s family for the first time they complimented my kitchen rooster collection, (Yeah, I know it’s kitschy).
    Yup, I said, I have a kitchen full of cocks. My house is full of cocks. Cock this, cock that, until their rolling eyes and my daughter’s mortification shut me up.
    I get profane when I’m social awkward. They are very nice people, (nicer than me), but they wouldn’t say shit if it served as au jus.
    Fuck me.

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