Hello page, what do I do with you?

It’s like I’ve forgotten how to write. I’ve forgotten how to put that sentence down, that first sentence that has promise and that gives me a glimmer of faith that better sentences will follow. I don’t remember where to begin, or what to do when my ideas lag. I haven’t worked on The Fucker for weeks.

I had nothing to write about, so I hit the books, and read up on [field redacted]. Each question lead me in a new direction. I tried to understand a thousand things and I failed. But I know a lot more now, and it’s time to get back to the page.

I printed out the first chapter I needed to radically change. Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room (which apparently is an excellent location for editing, who knew?), I realized that the chapter was not just boring, but hideously boring. OK. That’s not good news, but at least it’s something to work with, a place to start.

It’s like Vivian Gornick said. There is the situation and the story. I know what the situation is, it is time to tell the story.

What’s your situation? What’s your story? Are you writing?

(PS This post is dedicated to my grandmother. It was her wedding anniversary today. She wanted to be a journalist, but her husband wouldn’t let her work. I think she was happy, though, and she encouraged her youngest granddaughter to write. She was the very nicest member of the Clause family.)


11 responses to “Hello page, what do I do with you?

  1. God bless grandma. It is amazing how the older generations of women in our families passed their dreams onto the younger generations because of the conventional wisdom of the men around them. And they acted happy, I wonder if they really were.

    “Are you writing?”
    My laptop is in the shop for an overhaul or a funeral, not sure yet. Thank God I have Carbonite. Am chomping to write so I bought a keyboard for my Kindle. This little thing is a blast.

    BTW you said the magic words…”a place to start.”

  2. I read our grandmother differently. Papa didn’t want Mama to work. That was clear. But but neither did she want to work, even though she would have been a journalist if she hadn’t gotten married. I don’t think she pined for journalism. But she wrote beautifully, as did her daughter, and her son-in-law, and aren’t we lucky to have had them?

    I’ve got their wedding picture up in my stair case. They were so beautiful!

  3. Hello page? What a cool concept. I am going to start my writing class next week with that line.

    (you’re so smart!)

    • What about “as cited in”? (unknown author, as cited in Clause, 2014) But I’m not actually quoting the exercise. I’m paraphrasing it. At that point, wouldn’t it just be (Clause, 2014)? I realize this takes away the authorship of my original (forgotten) source. But if you went to Clause (2014), you will see that I admit as much.

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