Spring Notes

Spring notes are all falling flat. It’s a stupid fucking title, as it is late March and I can hear sleet rattling against my window. The sound always makes me think of pop rocks, which makes me think of my sister-in-law, whom I once convinced to drink a pop rock martini because I wanted to try it but didn’t want to drink it myself. (Strawberry vodka, something else godawful, and pop rocks around the rim. Tasty for one sip; otherwise horrifying. She loved it. I love her.)

Yeah, that’s how my brain is going.

I’m always glad to see spring. There are snowdrops among the snow. If it’s above 50 degrees, my dog wants to go out ten times a day, and I know how he feels. Last week I left him on the porch for an hour. But spring also makes me insane. It is a time of agitation and a time of change, and I can’t tell if that’s my seasonally affected brain or if it true for all.

How do you react to the changing of the seasons?


6 responses to “Spring Notes

  1. Usually with a major migraine, chills or heat rash, and weird hair.

    But I’m so pleased that it isn’t snowing anymore, I could cry in gratitude.

  2. I’m with Sarah. I hate the pressure of too many sunny days in a row, the need to constantly do something outside. But after this winter, I will buy my naked-mole-rat self some sunglasses and say thank you.
    Until soccer and baseball season starts. Then I will weep.

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