A Positive Note

I love the Freelance Union. I love what they do, and I particularly love the idea of the Quiet Revolution. This is how I think we should all live our lives.

Today’s twitter question, which was crafted just to start conversation, deserves a little more commentary than my twitter feed would possibly allow.

“How do you start your freelance project on a positive note?”

I don’t. I go to this blog and bitch and moan. I complain about the fact that my equations are green (why?) and that my author can’t stop using the word “unique.” I whine that I have to edit instead of taking my dog on long walks in the fleeting spring weather. I complain that I’m too lazy to cook for myself even though I work no more than 15 feet from a working kitchen.

But then, I go back to my work, rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s very cathartic. I guess that’s a positive note, right?

What about you? Are you all sunshine and light?


5 responses to “A Positive Note

  1. I was trying to imagine the working kitchen. Is that the one that does the dishes and fries up the bacon? Or does it sweep and dust? I’d like it if it could do marking.

    Oh… that’s not what you meant.

  2. I do a lot of heavy-duty internal swearing, often on a weeks-long loop. I find it very satisfying. On a good day, I have a regular stream of m*therf*ckers and for-f*ckssakes running through my head. It makes me feels vigorous while I put out fires consisting of petty technical details.

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