Having the Last Word

I am the youngest of four girls in a family that loved to talk. My parents came to visit me in college, and we went to [nearby city]. I didn’t own a car then, and had only a vague idea of how to get downtown. I sat in front and my father drove. When you approach [city] from the south, there is a point where the highway curves and you can see all the steel and glass of downtown glistening in the sun.

“I think you should take exit 56,” I said without confidence.

My mother, oldest sister, and grandmother were all crammed in the backseat. My father missed exit 56.

“Sam, that was your exit,” my mother said with urgency.

“Dad, shouldn’t you have turned there?” Oldest Sister said.

“Sam, you missed the exit,” my grandmother chimed in.

I was ready to get out and walk.

As a result of my upbringing, I hate not being able to say what I need to say, and I despise being misinterpreted. And, as DP loves to tell me, I interrupt him all the time.

I think this is why I love to blog. I don’t need to have the last word, but I do need the space to talk, explain, flesh it out.

Now your turn. Why do you blog? Can you get a word in edgewise?


10 responses to “Having the Last Word

  1. I started blogging because I found other writers’ blogs. I kept blogging because it became my warm-up to writing, the no-pressure place to start thinking and typing. I blog now for one reason: I want to stay “in conversation” with my favorite writer-people, like you guys.

  2. May I clarify the point that I was NOT in the car in question. I only once tried to have the last word with Indy, and I am petrified that the particular (not terribly flattering for either of us) episode is in her memoir. No Indy no! You can have the last word! Whenever you want it!

    Why do I have a blog? Not for the last word. I get that from my publications. I blog because my publisher makes me. No, that’s not so. That’s why I started blogging. I blog because it makes me loved and respected. I get “likes” and “views.” People fawn over me like they wouldn’t do in real life.

    Are you sure that isn’t why you blog Indy?

  3. I started blogging because I needed a place to put all the thoughts that were getting in the way and also a coping mechanism.

    If I were a gardener, I’d yank out weeds and curse at my roses. If I were an alchoholic, I’d drink and curse at everyone. I’m a writer, so I write in cursive. Or whatever.

    Plus, nothing curse the “my writing sucks” disease like more writing and the sympathy and rear-kicking of friends.

  4. That scenario sounds familiar….I wonder why? Brother, mother, aunt, what more can I say? I don’t blog. That’s probably why I married a man of few words! By the way Indy, I am pretty sure you always get the last word!

    • Right?

      Indy always gets the last word, but I’m not sure her real-life counterpart does. 🙂

      PS You might not be so cub anymore, but your blog-commenter persona will always be Cubby to me. Next thing you know I’ll be pinching your cheeks and wondering how it is that you’re nearing 30.

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