Details, Schmetails

When I was single, I had one friend who I’d take as a date when I needed a date, and I put her down as my emergency contact. She was my fake girlfriend. She was the one I called (other than my mom) when I had a shitty day and she did the same.

Once she told me that she wanted a girlfriend, beside all the obvious benefits, because she wanted someone who was interested in the minutiae of her day. She got a real girlfriend not long after I met DP, in part because her fake girlfriend was no longer quite so available.

One of the things they tell you when you shack up is that one person can’t meet every one of your needs. Sure I had someone to cook for me and keep me warm at night, but DP after the first few months wasn’t fascinated by absolutely every single thought that flew through my head. And so I turned again to my friends.

I have friends with whom I can exchange urgent emails about plot developments and implications (not to mention a detailed appreciation of the prettiness of some of the characters) of my favorite geeky TV show. I can email another friend in the morning about a beer I drank the night before, knowing she’ll stop everything even for a moment to make a comment. My former fake girlfriend and I argue about a book we love at least once a year, and it’s an argument we’ve been having since we were 15 years old. I rely on that. Poke, poke, I’m here. Pay attention to me.

What details do you share?

3 responses to “Details, Schmetails

  1. Details. I woke up in the middle of the night and had an hour-long panic about having used the word “day” when I should have written “week” and therefore will be considered a complete and total fraud.

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