Happy Birthday, Fangs and Clause!

Four years ago, I was preparing to get married. Mother’s Day passed, and I could not even call my mother because she could not speak on the phone. Most normal people would have invested in an organizer or hired a wedding planner or upped their antidepressants during this time. Not me.

I decided to start a blog. A few months after starting this blog, I started The Fucker. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The poet learned that she could write to the right-hand side of the page. So here I am today, stealing an hour, maybe even two, from my editorial work today to write.

Where were you four years ago?


6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Fangs and Clause!

  1. Just starting to write about Pigeons. And bogging about con artists. And trying to finalize potty training for my younger daughter. And teaching my older daughter to read.

    Huh. Wonder where I found the time? There certainly doesn’t seem to be much left.

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