You really mean it?

OK. So there is a lot of pain and suffering, angst, and whining on Fangs and Clause. Maybe spring/summer has gone to my head, vacation has turned my attitude for a moment, but I’d like to have a rare moment of pleasantness.

I once read in a group of poets, and someone said to me afterward, “listening to your poems was like being outside.”

What’s the best thing someone has said about your writing?


12 responses to “You really mean it?

  1. From my long-lost friend August, so it’s mostly about the source I guess: “I knew you were good, or I wouldn’t have offered to read it. But you’re really very good.” Also, “I read it in one sitting, in front of my computer.”

  2. People are supposed to say NICE things?

    Actually, I’ve had some nice adjectives used to describe my stories sometimes, but I always discount them since, if they’re accepting one of MY stories, they must not know what they’re doing.

    I bared my soul and told a fellow runner that I actually write stories. I even gave her the link to the one I think is my best. I’m still waiting after a month to hear her opinion.

  3. This is most recent:

    “…your writing is like an exquisite cake, where you can taste the butter and vanilla separately on your tongue as though they were made that morning and you never want to stop eating it. My writing is not like yours and what I am trying to say is that your words and ideas are rich, tasty, surprising, delightful, and I savor them.”

    That’s going to keep me going for a while. 🙂

  4. From a reviewer last month:

    “Like a zen pen and ink drawing, what is left unspoken in the white space is powerfully present.”

    Hunh? What? I thought they were supposed to be commenting on what i wrote, not on what I didn’t write!!

    Flattering nonetheless though, right?

  5. i think I remember something like that in my freshman art class as well. It was the space between objects that we were sketching.

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