What I Did Today (so far) Instead of Writing

1. Drank coffee.

2. Paying work.

3. Coaxed the kitty to eat (you better not stop eating on me, you jerk!). She did eat, just not a lot.

4. Dug a ditch.

5. Filled the ditch with rocks and a drain pipe.

6. Felt inordinately pleased with myself.

6a. It was a small ditch. I don’t care. I’m a weedy copyeditor.

7. Wondered why digging ditches (on the small scale) was more fun than gardening.

8. Did not extend that thought to why it was more fun than writing.

9. Ate lunch (note: this happened before the ditch digging).

10. Did some necessary non-editing, non-writing tasks that will eventually lead to my earning money (yes, I’m beginning an import business in Indonesia).

11. Wrote a blog post.

How was your day?

4 responses to “What I Did Today (so far) Instead of Writing

  1. 1. Drank coffee
    2. Blog chat
    3. Blog post
    4. Walked the dog
    5. Did not dig a ditch
    6. Made notes for new book
    7. Went to work
    8. Did not murder cantankerous patient
    9. Felt inordinately pleased with myself for not murdering patient
    10. Stopped at grocery store for kale, chickpeas, one onion, pine nuts
    11. Got home and realized I’d forgotten the rice
    12. Sent kid back to grocery store for rice
    13. Read Indy-blog post

  2. Yesterday?

    1. Got out of bed (this was the biggie).
    2. Dealt with e-mails.
    3. Got my nails done.
    4. Exchanged a blouse for my MIL.
    5. Bought a new printer because mine developed Tourette’s.
    6. Dropped off my kids’ school library books at the school(which was embarrassing) and also paid tuition for next year (which was painful).
    7. Had lunch.
    8. Went to the library to write.
    9. Came home in time to meet the kids coming back from day camp.
    10. Set up new wireless printer and attempted to add it to our home system.
    11. Made dinner.
    12. Attempted to add the new wireless printer to our home system.
    13. Read with the younger kid, argued with the older kid.
    14. Attempted to add the new wireless printer to our home system.
    15. Put the kids to bed.
    16. Successfully added the new wireless printer to our home system.
    17. Took Advil.
    18. Went to bed.

  3. 1. Ran 9 miles (in the rain, all the way).
    2. Had a salad.
    3. Foam rolled.
    4. Indulged in a long, hot shower.
    5. Played ball with dogs.
    6. Went to the art museum.
    7. Had a small pizza (and a side of guilt).
    8. Came home and surfed the net.
    9. Soon to bed.

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