Freelancing Is Fun

Today I refused a job before breakfast. I hate refusing jobs. When I started freelancing I wanted All the Experience, so I never said no as long as the hourly wage was over $15 (although I considered dipping to over $10 for the right project). Now that I have more experience, I try to keep my hourly rates somewhat in line with the Editorial Freelancer’s Common Rates.

The job I refused offered me 2/3 the EFA standard rates (all praise the EFA for promoting a living wage for copyeditors). I charge less for private clients, much less for friends, and have even been known to work for barter with Fangs and Clause associates (that would be you). But my potential client was not a student, academic, or a friend, but a multinational corporation. They wanted an experienced scientific copyeditor and were willing to pay peanuts to get one.

As soon as I sent a polite but slightly pointed rebuff of the job, another scientific paper came through. Thank god. I felt vindicated. And lucky.

What do you refuse?


6 responses to “Freelancing Is Fun

  1. I refused, eventually, to collaborate with someone whose idea of co-authorship was me doing all the writing while she allowed me to write about the characters she’d created.

    After the second time I waited a month for her chapter, just to receive an e-mail saying, “Have you finished the next one, yet?” with a brief outline attached, I called it off.

    I still get e-mails from her, asking if I’ve changed my mind.

    No. No, I haven’t.

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