The sun is out, and so I can tell which way is up again.

We had a big soiree at Chez Moi last night. Family was visiting and we invited a bunch of people over. As you can imagine, having listened to me whine and moan, I was a little cranky going into it. People in my house? Do I have to clean? Is it going to rain? What if Friend A is a jerk or Friend B decides she’s still mad at me? But I summoned the long-dormant Social Clause and made sure Friend C talked to Father in Law. (The term father in law makes me sound impossibly grown up.) Friend B was charming, I introduced Newer Friends to Older Friends, and DP’s parents even stayed around briefly to talk.

I remembered to put plates on the table and serving spoons in the salads. That morning DP and I fought over potato salad, of all things, and I briefly considered murder. But the dispersal of food went well. Everyone was stuffed and happy. DP did the dishes while I drank beer by the fire with the stragglers. I took murder off the table.  By the time the fire died down to coals I would venture to say I was even happy. Whoa.

This is what June is supposed to be.


11 responses to “Reorientation

  1. You should see June in Edinburgh (where I am right now. I know you are jealous). It’s daylight at 4AM, so DP could hang on to it for four hours, and then get up at a decent hour.

    (hunh? Yeah, I woke up at 4, ’cause it was daylight. And I was all ready to go! You know me.)

  2. Potato salad (depending, of course, on recipe, tater typing, and one’s feelings regarding mustard) is one of the Great Good Things.

    Call your sister.

    • See above.

      The argument was German potato salad (traditionally made with bacon dressing, but I douse it liberally with vinegar and then add dill and olive oil, and in this case, garlic, then lived happily ever after) vs. mayonnaise-encrusted boringness. But the argument was really about other things, as they always are.

  3. i had a Hog Sandwich yesterday. Ever had one of those? It’s what the Scots call their pulled pork. Yummm. like barbecue, except with sage and onion stuffing. It kept me full for, well, more than a day. Bacon Buttie next. (or maybe not)

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