Don’t Save

I just wrote a vignette.  The trouble with writing is that when you have something good, something that rings with truth and says exactly what you meant to say, and says it well, you want to share it. And by you, I mean I, but I don’t think I’m alone in this.  My vignette worked, but it contained an indiscretion. Nothing very interesting, but not something I wanted to share on my semi-anonymous blog. And so I clicked myself out of the document.*

What do you close without hitting save?

(And if you want to post it here, you can email it to me, and I will post it anonymously.)

*There’s a great story Neil Gaiman tells about being commissioned to write a piece of erotica for an anthology. He writes a sentence, blushes, stops writing, stops blushing, writes another sentence. But the funny part is that he said that he wanted to write a letter to Ellen Datlow, the editor of the anthology, and say, “If I am hit by a car and you find a piece of erotica on my computer with your name on it, it’s nothing personal.” I’m pretty sure Gaiman has perfected the awkward/honest/look at me I’m rumpled and cute schtick, but I still think it’s funny.


3 responses to “Don’t Save

  1. I save everything, but some things I write in the very back of my notebooks, or bury three folders deep under file names like “Recipes” or “test case.”

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