The Schedule

I’m dog-sitting again, and my life has become incrementally more regimented. At 5:00 there is the administering of dinner. But you can’t just feed all the animals (or livestock as we sometimes call them) dinner. Nope. You first have to bar off half the downstairs so the beleaguered old-lady kitty can have some peace. She catches on quick once I shut the door to the living room and barricade the little hall. Wet food for the kitty where the dogs can’t get to it.

Then there is food for each of the two dogs (different food). During dog feeding I sit there so the spaniel/Jack Russell/lemonhead doesn’t lose her manners and eat my dog’s food. My dog is used to eating one piece of food at a time over hours. The Lemonhead inhales. So the Lemonhead settles at my feet and sighs, staring at my dog as he eats. I sit and read until my dog sits down and just guards his food. Dinnertime is over.

(The Lemonhead is a frequent visitor and knows that if I’m sitting at the computer, it is her job to sit next to me. My dog knows this too. So I write this with the Lemonhead stretched out at my feet and the poodle-thing curled on his pillow.) After Feeding is the consumption of media.

(DP and I went to pick up our farmshare today and had our own devouring of local cheese, berries, and [nonlocal] crackers.)

I am reading “Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking.” Twenty-five pages in and I adore it. “All happy food memories are alike; all unhappy food memories are unhappy after their own fashion.” The author and her mother are cooking their way through Soviet history. I hope to adore it equally the whole way through. Time will tell. As will I, soon enough.

What media and/or food are you consuming these days?


5 responses to “The Schedule

  1. I didn’t like the “Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking.” Twenty-five pages in and I almost burned it. I thought it was pretentious. And I love cooking memoirs! The Language of Baklava. OMG!

    My pets are somewhat easier to feed. And I have many much more than you. They’re all up in my worm farm, and are wriggly and hungry. I don’t think they fight. Did you know that baby worms start out as white dots, then white dashes, then they get pink? And they don’t like oranges.

  2. I’m reading King’s Mr. Mercedes at work (that’s not ominous or anything), but I have The Divorce of Henry VIII: the Untold Story from Inside the Vatican by Fletcher waiting!

    It’s supposed to be about Gregorio Casali, Henry’s lawyer, who did all sorts of dubious stuff to keep the King from being persecuted by the Vatican. I’m hoping it’ll be interesting enough to give to my Dad for Christmas this year.

    I’m not cooking right now. Too hot. We’re living on sandwiches and watermelon this week.

  3. I’m eating vegetables. We went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and blew almost the whole food budget for the week. Last night I made dilly stew with rosemary dumplings (because it was cool outside) and the night before that I stir-fried a mess of zucchini, peppers, onion and corn (because it was warm). Today I might just spend the day with my face in a bowl of peaches.

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